Oleg Saveliev, Deputy Minister, summed up the results of the activities of special economic zones in 2012


On December 25, 2012 press-conference of Oleg Saveliev, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and Oleg Kostin, General Director of JSC “SEZ”, dedicated to summing up of the results of special economic zones activities in 2012 was held at RIA Novosti Press Center.

Answering to journalists’ questions, Oleg Saveliev indicated a number of steady tendencies of growth of core indicators of special economic zones (SEZ) development in outgoing year. Increase of actual investments in 2012 amounted to 61%: as of October 01, 2012 actual investments of residents amounted to 63.7 bln. rubles (by 24.3 bln. rubles more than as of October 01, 2011). Scope of products extracted in the SEZ increased by 46% in monetary terms: from 50.3 bln. rubles as of October 01, 2011 to 73.6 bln. rubles as of October 01, 2012. Consolidated tax deduction increased by 74% in 2012: from 3.9 bln. rubles (October 01, 2011) to 6.9 bln. rubles (October 01, 2012). Number of workplaces created in SEZ exceeded 8,000. Therewith for the last year their number increased by 20%.

In return Oleg Kostin noted that according to results of 2012 326 investors, including 57 companies from 21 countries of the world came into the special economic zones; volume of announced private investments will exceed 400 bln. rubles according to the results of 2012. 5 new plants (Lipetsk SEZ and Alabuga SEZ) were launched in the special economic zones.

Also, Oleg Saveliev, Deputy Minister, announced that Ministry of Economic Development of Russia introduced to the Government draft regulations on creation of Lyudinovo industrial production special economic zone (SEZ) in Kaluga Oblast. New SEZ will be governed by a development corporation of Kaluga Oblast. It is planned that the zone will be specialized in mechanic engineering. It is expected that about 6 bln. rubles from the federal budget may be allocated to develop SEZ.