Minister Elvira Nabiullina attended the meeting of trade ministers and joint meeting of trade ministers and ministers responsible for small and medium business of member economies of Asia-Pacific Cooperation (APEC) forum in Big Sky (USA, Montana) On May 19-20, 2011

The agenda of the meeting included a discussion of topical issues for the APEC countries, such as support for the multilateral trading system and regional economic integration, as well as issues of green growth and cooperation in the sphere of regulation proposed by the United States as Chairman of the Forum in 2011.

In her speech on the multilateral trading system Elvira Nabiullina supported the participants' opinion on the need for early conclusion of negotiations of the WTO Doha Round. She noted that the forthcoming Russia accession to WTO will strengthen the organization and the international trading system as a whole.

In process of discussion of issues of regional economic integration key consideration was given to the problems of the next generation of trade and investment questions. The Russian party noted the need for such debate and approved the list of three key directions of work on this subject in 2011 (establishment of global supply chains, support of participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in international trade, development of effective non-discriminatory and market-oriented innovation policy). On the issue of efficiency and transparency of food markets for the purpose of food security Elvira Nabiullina has proposed the measures to ensure physical and economic availability of food, formation of databases for monitoring and forecasting situation in the food markets.

In the discussions on green growth problems the Russian party informed the partners about the steps being taken to improve the energy efficiency of the economy. The theme of promoting environmental products and services became the main part of this block of questions. At a time when most economies, including Russia, are actively supporting the need to expand the role of such goods and services for the development of green economy, Elvira Nabiullina noted the necessity of conducting deliberate policy, since trade liberalization may lead to discrimination of traditional products, and to green protectionism.

On cooperation in the regulation sphere the Russian party pointed to the benefits of convergence of regulatory standards for international trade, stressing however the need for mandatory consideration of national interests of each of the economies. Following discussions it was suggested to formulate a single working APEC Action Plan on cooperation in the field of regulation.

On May 20, 2011 the joint meeting of trade ministers and ministers responsible for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of APEC was also held, in which the issues of barriers to SME participation in international trade were discussed.  Russia has allocated three key barriers from the general list of such barriers, prepared by the presiding United States: the need to ensure the access of SMEs to financing and information on conditions of activity in foreign markets, as well as the problem of reducing transport costs. Elvira Nabiullina offered to consider possibility of cooperation of associations of small and medium-sized enterprises of APEC member economies to create an extensive information network for SMEs across the region, which will reduce these barriers.

Bilateral meetings of Minister Elvira Nabiullina were also held as part of APEC events of 19-20 May 2011: with Gary Locke, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gregory L. Domingo, Minister of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, Mari Elka Pangestu, Indonesian Trade Minister, David Plunkett, Deputy Minister for International Trade of Canada, Chen Deming, Minister of Commerce of People's Republic of China, Craig Anthony Emerson, Minister for Trade of Australia, Jorge Bunster, director of the Directorate of the General Administration for International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. At the bilateral meetings the issues of bilateral trade and economic relations were considered, partner countries informed about the priorities of Russia's chairmanship in APEC in 2012.

Elvira Nabiullina also met Christina Tchen, assistant of the U.S. President, and Ginger Lew, senior advisor to the National Economic Council. During the meeting questions of women's entrepreneurship were discussed; the U.S. party informed about the summit of women leaders to be held in Vladivostok in 2012. The Russian party has supported the U.S. proposal on the organization of the APEC Partnership Women and the Economy within the forum framework.